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Meet The Covey Sales & Marketing Team


Ken Johnson – Minnesota
Phone (952) 303-5369
Fax (866) 874-2530
Email: kenjohnson(at)

Ken Johnson is a principal partner and co-founder of the group. Before founding Covey Sales, he was Sales Manager for a national manufacturer’s rep group and a field sales representative where he was recognized by his factory clients on numerous occasions. His past experience includes management, product development, and field sales. Ken currently services Minnesota and Wisconsin for the group. He is an avid outdoorsman, hunter, shooter, National Rifle Association Life member and a graduate of a number of firearms training programs.
Greg Rader – Missouri, East Iowa
Phone (785) 594-7121
Fax (785) 371-1274
Email: gregrader(at)

Greg Rader is a principle partner and co-founder of the group. Prior to co-founding Covey Sales, Greg spent his entire professional career as a sales representative, buyer and retail manager in the shooting and hunting sports industry. He has had a successful career as a sales representative and won numerous sales awards recognizing his efforts in the field. He currently services accounts in Missouri and Iowa. Greg is a lifelong shooter and outdoorsman and a Life Member of the National Rifle Association. He is an active member in Quail Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, and the USPSA, and a graduate of a number of firearms training programs.
Ed Metzger – Michigan, Northern Indiana
Phone (616) 844-2232
Fax (616) 844-5515
Email: edmetzger(at)

Prior to joining the group, Ed was a successful manufacturer’s representative in his current territory for over four years where he received a number of awards for his efforts. In his sucessful career in the shooting sports business, he has worked as a field sales representative, and in management and retail sales positions. Ed is an avid firearms collector, hunter, dog trainer and angler.
Jonathan Raasch – Western Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
Phone (605) 274-2465
Fax (605) 370-5007
Email: jonathanraasch(at)

Prior to joining the group, Jonathan was a successful manufacturer’s representative in his current territory for over six years. His work experience includes retail sales management and firearms inventory management for a large midwestern shooting sports retailer. Jonathan is an avid outdoorsman, an expert fine firearms collector, a Life Member of the National Rifle Association and an active Member of Duck’s Unlimited.
Steve Shepard – Kansas, Nebraska, West Iowa
Phone (913) 702-6683
Fax (888) 790-4631
Email: steveshepard(at)

Steve joined the group with sixteen years of sales experience in the shooting sports industry. Prior to joining the group, Steve was a sales representative and manager for a prominent firearms manufacturer. His prior experience includes mass merchant corporate management and retail sales experience in the region. Steve is an active outdoorsman, shooter and hunter.
Chris Stevens – Illinois, Southern Indiana
Phone (217) 840-2175
Fax (217) 469-0150
Email: chrisstevens(at)

Chris joined the group with over eight years experience in shooting sports sales. Prior to joining Covey, he was a territory sales representative for a prominent firearms brand. His past experience as a wholesaler territory manager, retail sales manager, and sales clerk give him a wealth of perspective to provide excellent service to his accounts. Chris is an avid hunter, angler and outdoorsman.
Matt Evans – Wisconsin
Phone (612) 414-8745
Fax (651) 846-4479
Email: mattevans(at)

Matt joined Covey in 2012 with more than eight years of experience as a sales representative in the shooting and hunting sports business. He has developed a great deal experience in managing independent dealers in his territory as well as the major catalog and internet retailers. Matt currently services the Wisconsin territory. He is an avid outdoorsman and an active member of Pheasants Forever and Safari Club.